Neutral  Eyeshadow and Swatch | Rich Girl by Surreal Makeup
Neutral Eyeshadow | Rich Girl by Surreal Makeup

Rich Girl Eyeshadow

This luxurious eyeshadow, Rich Girl, will leave you feeling gorgeous and glamourous. Showcasing an exquisite blend of pink, gold, and exquisite purple sparkles over a warm medium brown base, this eyeshadow's high-shimmer finish promises to illuminate and add elegance to your look.

Color: Light Brown

Apply with Primer, Setting Spray or Awesomesauce for best results.

Product Type: Loose Pigment

Ingredients: Mica

May Contain: Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Titanium Dioxide, Silica, Tin Oxide, Magnesium Stearate, Sericite

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Customer Reviews

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Grace L.

10/10 love Rich Girl I love Amanda I got a sample bag from her booth at Holiday Matsuri! Amazing pigmented eyeshadow!! Can be used as a highlighter if you use it lightly, it’s so sparkly!!!


This is always my go-to matched with “Intimate” for the perfect shimmery nude look! This is a shade you can wear everywhere without it being “too much”. I used this shade for my homecoming and it nothing smudged or came off!
Note that this is darker than “Intimate” and is used for my crease in that situation, in case you wanted to get that match as well.

Naughty Nude

For me this shade is nearly like a perfect nude match but the beauty of it is that it doesn't make me feel plain because it's far from being a one dimensional nude that makes me wonder why i put it on. It give me a nice natural looking sparkle for those times when i have to keep it looking professional polished and simple. It's a pretty shade that blends well with lots of other colors without taking over.

Love it!

Really great!

Great color, lasts forever

This eyeshadow like all of the others here is the longest lasting makeup I've ever owned. This color is something I wear daily. It was also my very first purchase from them at their first Shadocon. This container will last you for years. It is well worth the price in quality and it quantity. I am just now buying my second container. Almost 4 years later.