Iridescent Eyeshadow and Swatch  | Mermaid by Surreal Makeup
Iridescent Eyeshadow | Mermaid by Surreal Makeup

Mermaid Eyeshadow

Our Mermaid loose eyeshadow powder evokes a magical, mystical aura - it's as if we've bottled up waves of mermaid scales and sprinkled them onto your lids! Get ready to shimmer and shine with these dazzling colors of teal, indigo and purple! Irresistible!

Color: Iridescent Teal to Purple Multichrome 

Apply with Primer, Setting Spray or Awesomesauce for best results.

Product Type: Loose Pigment

Ingredients: Mica

May Contain: Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Titanium Dioxide, Silica, Tin Oxide, Magnesium Stearate, Sericite

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

bought recently at a convention, and it is such a high quality dust!!! its so shimmery, and goes on better than most expensive glittery eyeshadows. the picture doesn’t do it justice, i highly recommend !!

Sooo sparkly!

Mermaid is one of my all-time favorite shades! It's densely-packed with eye-catching sparkle that mostly reflects a bright turquoise-white. Beautiful for the inner corner of the eye, over a blue/green/purple lip, or as a glitter highlighter when you want to sparkle! It's very striking and I can't recommend it enough.

Elizabeth Cristo
Take it from a Mermaid

As a profeshional mermaid, I need eyeshadow to keep up with me on land or in the water, and the best way to do that is a good sealant and pure pigment eyeshadow. There is no brand I trust more than Surreal Makeup for long lasting pure pigment! And this color is absolutely mermaizing! I use it as a highlighter, lip topper, and even as a body shimmer. It even matches my tail perfectly!


This is honestly one of my most favorite eyeshadows. Its very sparkling and can also make a beautiful lip topper, inner eye highlight, or matte eyeshadow enhancer.

High-Powered Sparkle

This shadow is SO gorgeous and sparkly! I mainly use it on the inner corner of my eye to give it some pop, and I've had so many friends comment on the amazing color.