Q: How long does it take to ship my order once it is placed?

A: We strive to maintain a 3-5 business day handling time to ship for all orders placed on our website as best we can.  Only during events, large online sales or special occasions will orders be delayed.  We work hard to keep that delay no more than 3 days past our original commitment to ship.

Q: What conditions would a delay in shipping be expected?

A: We travel the country doing shows and events to promote our product. During these extended trips, shipping may be delayed by a few days.

Q: How did you start making makeup?

A: Allergies. I worked in retail at the time and needed to have makeup that didn't cause break outs or allergic reactions.

Q: Does Surreal Makeup expire?

A: Our eyeshadows, blushes, body shimmer, highlighters and nail powder do not have organic fillers to harbor bacteria so there is no shelf life. All other products such as liquid foundation, lip glosses, and primer with organic fillers have a one year shelf life from time of purchase,

Q: Do you test on animals?

A: No, we are animal lovers ourselves and do not test on or support animal testing in any fashion.

Q: Is your product gluten free?

A: Yes, all of our product is gluten free.  There is no wheat gluten or rice starch fillers.  Our vitamin E is derived only from vegetable sources.

Q: Do you send free samples to bloggers for review?

A: We proactively seek out and select bloggers to send our product to for sampling, promoted looks and review. We do offer a 5 pack sample pack on our site for all others looking to try our products without committing to our full size products.

Q: If I do not like a color can I return it?

A: We accept returns and offer full refunds for unopened items.  We also offer store credit for any opened product that is returned. Please review our return policy disclaimer for more details.  We also offer sample and mini sizes of every product on our site.

Q: I love your products and want to give them as gifts.  Do you offer gift certificates?

A: Yes, we offer gift certificates online on our website.

Q: Can I redeem a gift certificate in person or online only?

A: Gift certificates can be redeemed online or in person.  Please bring a physical copy or print out of the gift certificate being used for verification.

Q: How can I be a part of your company as a sales rep?

A: Currently we are not seeking any Independent Sales Rep positions at this time.