Duo Chrome Eyeshadow and Swatch | Illusion by Surreal Makeup
Duo Chrome Eyeshadow | Illusion by Surreal Makeup

Illusion Eyeshadow

Le fard à paupières Illusion fera assurément sensation. Ce fard à paupières rose clair a un changement de couleur bleu duo chrome, ce qui le rend universellement flatteur et parfait pour toutes les couleurs d'yeux. Hypoallergénique et naturellement résistant à l'eau, Illusion nécessite un apprêt , un spray fixateur ou Awesomesauce pour de meilleurs résultats.

Couleur : rose clair à bleu Duochrome

Type de produit : pigment en vrac

Ingrédients : Mica

Peut contenir : borosilicate de calcium et d'aluminium, dioxyde de titane, silice, oxyde d'étain, stéarate de magnésium, séricite.

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Customer Reviews

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S.P. Jack
All Natural, Kid Friendly

I ordered this for my 10 year old because she loves wearing makeup. It's light enough to not over-do (as we do when learning) and perfect for a highlighter as well. It's so pretty when the light hits it. Shipped very quickly. I'm very pleased with this purchase.

Cathy Allison
Subtle enough for every day

If you want to have an eyeshadow that is zero effort but still gives stunning results, and yet is simple enough to look trendy in the office or when you're cosplaying a normie like I have to most days, this is the one that will do it. I have double hooded eyes that turn up so any more complicated eyeshadow is going to come out a mess. A sheer duochrome like this will solve all the problems - and only takes a few swipes with the brush! Almost impossible to mess up.


This is my absolute favorite shadow out of my entire order. The shimmer is subtle but there and noticable in different lighting. Love love love. I will buy more of this one to stock up on it in case it's ever discontinued