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Welcome to Surreal Makeup

Transform your beauty routine with our ethically sourced, hand blended mineral cosmetics. Our products are free of harmful ingredients like foils, aluminum, and micro plastics and are all FDA approved for their intended use. Plus, we never fabricate reviews, ensuring our customers receive honest and authentic experiences with our products.

This makeup does everything she says it does. Incredible staying power, the colors will rock your world and be prepared to give out directions on how everyone else can get her awesome products too!

— N. Lally

I love this makeup! I've worn it for three performances, the pigments are vibrant and shimmer perfectly from the stage. I'm recommending your product to everyone I know!

— M. Clark

Love a great eye shadow n love supporting small businesses! She is crazy talented n wonderful. The colors are super pigmented n stay on all day!

— N. Buchanan

I got this product at a convention over the summer and was really happy when I saw it again because its one of my favorite eyeshadows

— E. Onaga

Every gold shade I have picked up from Surreal Makeup looks gorgeous on me.💕

— E. Darby

WOW! Colors are amazing and it’s pigment is INCREDIBLE! Can’t wait for more pressed shadows!

— Erika R.
Glamorous as usual!

Amanda sells only the best.

— Cayden C.

I love this stuff, and I misplace it every now and then. I want one that never moves from my bathroom because when I'm without it I feel like I'm missing a limb!

— Ezra O.

Just got my package, and love everything as always. Thank you! 😊

— C. White

Love all the makeup I get from here. Which is a lot. And yet I still want more!

— A. Berding

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