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100% Glitter Free

Glitter Free

All of our products are 100% glitter free. "Glitter" contains plastic, acrylic and sometimes glass which needs to be applied with "glitter glue" that creates a chunky or crusty feeling on the skin and can be very harmful for sensitive skin and those who wear contacts lenses.

Our loose mineral powder, artisan eye shadow is hand crafted with cosmetic grade mica and calcium borosilicate which creates a "glitter" like shimmer that is both safer for your skin than actual glitter and washes off easily with soap & water.

As a bonus, this mineral shimmer is biodegradable, and will not pollute the earth with excess plastic or synthetic waste.

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Mixing Mediums

Surreal Makeup Mixing Mediums

We recommend applying all of our Surreal Makeup loose pigment, artisan eye shadows with our hypoallergenic blend of setting sprays, Awesome Sauce or Lotion Makeup Primer which makes application a breeze while minimizing fallout as well as bring out the intense coloration effects of our pigments that will last throughout the day.

You can also finish your look with our talc free HD Finishing Powder to seamlessly whisk away moisture and shine without clogging your pores. Great for moisture control on humid days.

Our Mission

Beauty Products Inspired by Cosplay

You inspire us. You amaze us. You impress us with your energy, passion and awareness every day. So we developed our line of equally amazing products with you in mind; to help you glow even more with vibrant colors that will outlast your most intense moments.

All of our Artisan, mineral based Loose Powder and Cream Eye Shadows are specifically formulated out of necessity for sensitive skin and are hand crafted to be highly pigmented while resisting creasing, fading, cracking, smearing or streaking when applied with our exclusive Surreal Makeup Lotion Primer, Setting Spray or Mama Surreal's AwesomeSauce which makes them virtually adverse to rain, sweat or tears.

Perfect for Cosplay, Theater, Stage, Dance or Everyday Wear.

"Making Fantasy A Reality"

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Our Promise To You...

Peace of Mind

Complimentary package protection against lost, theft or damage with every purchase

Eco Friendly

Biodegradable ingredients that won't pollute our planet

Earth Day Every Day

Ethically Sourced

Ingredients from ethically sourced origins and distributors

Minimal Packaging

Consciously doing our part to reduce landfill waste