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Welcome! Please browse our selection of silky smooth mineral cosmetics. All of our natural mineral makeup is cruelty free, hypoallergenic and naturally water resistant.


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Surreal Makeup doesn't irritate my eyes. Colors last all day long.
- - T. Collein
LOVE IT! The eyeshadow is amazing and lasts all day. Cant wait to try some of your orher products!!!
- - D.Welton
The absolute best make up I have seen in years. Thanks for all your knowledge and passion you have.
- - B. Fluck
Found Surreal Makeup in Florida, on the Pier, while on vacation a couple years ago. I've been hooked ever since.
- - M. Wafer
Hands down the best mineral makeup I have ever tried. The samples she sent was more than enough product!
- - T. Demerath
This is they only eye shadow I wear anymore! The colors are vibrant and last for hours! I couldn't buy this good of makeup anywhere else! ♥
- - T. Gilmore
This mineral makeup is GORGEOUS! The eye shadow is amazing and sparkly and comes in a ton of colors.
- - L. Jolley
Love the vast amount of amazing and interesting colors that you can't get anywhere else! Chemical free, easily blendable and can last for hours, but easily comes off without burning my eyes with harsh makeup removers.
- - K. Weeks
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this make up!! SOOOOOO many colors!! I love how I can apply my make up at 6am and it still looks freshly applied by 8-9pm! That is impressive!
- - K. Richards
Took a stroll on the pier and the makeup caught my eye I've been hooked on it ever since and I don't buy anything else!!! Highly recommended.
- - A. Woodward
Such a great product! Great recommendations I get compliments every time I wear your product.
- - S. Earnest
I went here at shadocon and literally spent like an hour at this booth, the makeup is amazing and the owner is so so so nice!!
- - A. Peterson
Love this makeup I even moved to Clearwater to be closer lol jk but its amazing
- - B. Heichelbech
Love it! I am making it my personal goal to one day own EVERY color. ((:
- - D. Tucker
All natural beautiful makeup I'm in love!!!!!
- - K. Fischer
I think her makeup is awesome and I buy it sometimes.
- - A. Stites
She is an awesome woman and the makeup is great.
- - D. Stites