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Surreal Makeup LLC was formed in 2011 by Amanda Baker because of severe allergies brought on by harsh chemicals and additives found in store brand makeup.  After experiencing hives and rashes while wearing low quality cosmetics, she was  prevented from wearing any store brand makeup at all.

With help from professionals in the cosmetic industry, she was able to formulate a highly pigmented and hypoallergenic product she could wear throughout the day without allergic reaction.  The intense color and staying power of the eyeshadow was so intense that everywhere she wore the product everyone wanted to know where they could purchase some too.

Hence, Surreal Makeup was formed with the sole purpose of providing all natural mineral cosmetics created without harsh chemicals, lakes or dyes. All of our our products and handcrafted with the highest quality ingredients without adding all of those fillers know to be common in mass produced store brand makeup.

 Our products are hypoallergenic, naturally water resistant and cruelty free mineral cosmetics, and have become very popular in the Cosplay and Theater communities for it's brightly intense pigmentation, sweat resistant staying power and application versatility.

Surreal Makeup is proud to sponsor Cosplay professional Yaya Han, who has appeared on the TV series "Heroes of Cosplay", is a recognized costume designer as well as Cosplay competition judging around the globe.  We also proudly sponsor professional shift changer, Alyson Tabbitha, who has quickly made a name for herself in the industry worldwide with her myriad of costume designs and ability to completely personify the characters seen in some of the most popular scifi and fantasy hit series on TV and movies.

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