Surreal Makeup Awesome Sauce

Mama Surreal's Awesome Sauce

Mama Surreal's Awesome Sauce is the perfect mixing medium for all of Surreal Makeup's loose powder makeup. Create colorful eyeliners with any of our loose powders and apply with our eyeshadow for quick drying, long lasting color that won't smudge or budge.

Product Size: 30 ml.

Ingredients: Deionized Water, Phenoxyethanol, Organic Alcohol Extracts of Organic Roobos Leaf, (and) Organic White Tea Leaf, (and) Organic Green Tea Leaf, MSM, Vegan DMAE, Hyaluronic Acid Tetrasodium EDTA

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Customer Reviews

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I love everything Mama Surreal makes and this wasn't any different! It took getting used to because I never use liquid eyeshadows, but putting it on a brush and using her gorgeous eyeshadows as eyeliners have been a blast to experiment with. Plus, applying a white base got easier too. Def recommend!

Love this stuff!

This product is great to mix with any of the loose eyeshadows! Works great with multichromes, mattes, and everything inbetween!
It only takes me 1 drop of this product in a bit of loose eyeshadow to cover both my eyelids! Plus this stuff stays on!
This product is also great to revitalize any cream shadows that have dried out!
I'm gonna be using this product to the last drop!!!!

This stuff is amazing!

I’m pretty biased because I love everything I try from surreal, but I wanted to give myself time to try this with several of her shadows before airing my final thoughts.

This stuff is seriously “awesomesauce!” But really!
I’ve tried it with the duochrome shadows (mermaid, mythical, princess bride, aztec) and I cannot believe how little you need to get insane color payoff. I used to use the NYX glitter primer but now this mixing medium eliminates that step!

I’ve also tried it with her interstellar collection, and I’m in awe. You literally only need one swipe and it retains the entire color shift. Also, my eyes are hooded so things tend to crease. I never had a problem with creasing even after an 8 hour work day. It also works super well with her black base shadows (like deep space, solar flare, eclipse) it helps the shimmer stand out but it retains the opacity.

This is now gonna be a staple in my makeup kit. It far surpasses any other sticky bases/primers I’ve tried. Another upside is you do have some working time with it before it dries down, so you can easily blend harsh edges away.

(In this pic I used the awesomesauce with Andromeda and Princess Bride)


At first I was very shy with the Awesome sauce, but you have to put more in than you think and I am loving it so much!

In Love

Awesome sauce lives up to its name. A single drop is more than enough to turn your favorite powder into a liquid liner & it stays just as colorfast as all Surreal shadows do. I haven't used it for more than that yet, but the possibilities are endless. No more buy dozens of colored liners that get used once or twice & end up drying out.