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Scarab Beetle

Majestic deep green eyeshadow with purple duo chrome color shift.

A workable cream eyeshadow with intense color pigmentation that can be safely used on eyes, lips or face. Our moisture rich formula has been specifically designed for sensitive skin and long lasting wear.

Naturally water resistant and dye free.

100% Vegan, Paraben and Cruelty Free. Made in the USA

  • Apply directly on eyes, lips or face with brush, sponge or finger.
  • Blends well with our loose mineral pigment eyeshadows.
  • Naturally water resistant and smudge proof once dry.
  • Makes a great base for our loose powder in place of primer..

Product Type: Cream Eyeshadow

Ingredients: mica, aloe vera, silicone gel

Size: Large - 10gram