Dragons Fire

Iridescent eye shadow with a pink to gold color shifting sparkle that works wonders with your blue eyes. This shade works very well to compliment looks of pink, gold or purple eye shadow.

Workable cream eye shadow that is color stay once dry which makes it smudge proof and water resistant. Scent and flavor free formula, made with Aloe Vera for sensitivity.

    • We recommend applying our cream eye shadows with a Silicone Applicator Brush for best results.
    • Cream eye shadow requires no primers or mixing mediums.
    • No drying agents to dehydrate skin.
    • Allow to dry completely between applications (up to 1 min.) accelerate drying time by using a fan.
    • Contains no glitter, parabens, dyes or fillers.
    • Contact lens safe. - Wearers rejoice!
    • Biodegradable - Will not pollute our oceans or streams.
    • Naturally water resistant.
    • Vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Product Type: Cream Eye Shadow

Ingredients: mica, aloe vera, silicone gel